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Heritage Square; Emeryville, CA

A cluster of five separate parcels in a seven-acre site in Emeryville, Heritage Square typifies the melding of rehabilitation and innovative new design that is our hallmark. Heritage Square was acquired, developed, and completed within a three-year period. The centerpiece of the project is the old Westinghouse Insulator Building. With its distinctive brick gables and massive clerestory monitors still intact, the 80,000 square foot structure has been fully renovated to accommodate the needs of a diverse group of tenants. It currently houses a wide range of occupants from bio-tech use to general office use.
A second building of 16,000 square feet, once an obsolete warehouse, was brought to life as part of this modern office park.
Heritage Square’s westernmost parcel was sold to the United States Postal Service. An 18,000 square foot Post Office building was constructed on the site.